Reviews of Barack Obama and 21st Century Politics

Review title: Humanist Manifesto
Reviewer: Sreeram Chaulia

Review title: 'Barack Obama and 21st Century Politics' Breaks Down Revolutionary Movements behind President's Campaign

Reviewer: Sara Miller

SU News, September 9, 2010


Review title: Barack Obama: A Contradiction Between the Messenger and the Message

Reviewer: Wazir Mohamed

Pambazuka News, November 4, 2010

Reviewer: Bill Fletcher, Jr., January 20, 2011

Review title: Reflections on Horace Campbell’s Progressive View of Barack Obama’s 2008 Election
Reviewer: Martin Kilson, December 2, 2010

Reviewer: Eusi Kwayana, February 17, 2011

Endorsements of Barack Obama and 21st Century Politics

"This book helps us recognise that we are living in a revolutionary moment.... We need to develop new consciousness... and become active in new political sites where people are creating participatory democracy in struggles for life, education, health and community."

               - Grace Lee Boggs, author, anti-racist activist and feminist

"Barack Obama's presidency provides a rare opening for change. Whether we make use of it as we should is up to us.... Campbell's book is a bracing reminder of all the threads of history woven into this extraordinary moment, a warning about the military and financial forces trying to keep things as they are, and an inspiration to work for the very different world that could be within our grasp."

        - Adam Hochschild, writer and journalist, co-founder of Mother Jones magazine and author of King Leopold's Ghost

"Scholar-activist Horace Campbell has given us a provoocative new perspective on the United State's first Black President. The book is a 'must read' for those interested in Black America and American politics and the shifting global realities of the 21st century. It is sure to spark animaterd debate."

-Barbara Ransby, Associate Professor of African American Studies and History, University of Illinois, Chicago

"Horace Campbell probes the campaign of Barack Obama and finds a revolutionary potential vested in the use of new strategies and in its agenda for progressive social, economic and political change that would be historic if successfully affected in governance and accepted by a society truly ready for change."

- Ronald W. Walters, former Director of the African American Leadership Institute of Government and Politics, University of Maryland, College Park.