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Horace Campbell is Professor of African American Studies and Political Science at Syracuse University in Syracuse New York. He is a noted Pan African Scholar and writer. From his early years in Jamaica, Campbell has been involved in the Liberation Struggle and in the struggles for peace and justice. From his years in Toronto, Canada to his sojourns in Africa (Uganda, Tanzania and Zimbabwe), the United Kingdom and the Caribbean, he has been an influential force, offering alternatives to the hegemonic ideas of Eurocentrism. In an attempt to theorize new concepts of revolution in the 21st century Horace Campbell has been seeking to popularize the philosophy of ubuntu and to expand on his ideas of fractals and the importance of emancipatory politics. His new book, Barack Obama and 21st Century Politics: A Revolutionary Moment in the USA, is about the centrality of the humanist philosophy of ubuntu to emancipatory politics and the reconceptualization of revolution in the 21st century.

At Syracuse University, Horace Campbell teaches courses on Politics of Africa and Pan Africanism, and serves as a mentor for younger scholars. Horace Campbell was the first Director of the Syracuse University Study Abroad Program in Harare, Zimbabwe. During this period in Zimbabwe he worked with Youths to grasp the importance of emancipation in the post independence era. It was his interaction with the youth, especially the radical African Feminists that influenced his book, Reclaiming Zimbabwe: The Exhaustion of the Patriarchal Model off Liberation. In the region of Southern Africa, he participated in the debates on regional cooperation and continues to be an active researcher on questions of peace and reconstruction in Africa. Before teaching at Syracuse University, Horace Campbell taught in the Department of Political Science at Northwestern University in Evanston for six years, and at the University of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. He was a Visiting Distinguished Professor in South Africa, Ireland and in Uganda.

Dr. Campbell has published widely. He has contributed over thirty chapters to other edited books and has published numerous articles and reviews in scholarly journals. He has also produced a number of monographs. One of his books, Rasta and Resistance From Marcus Garvey to Walter Rodney, is going through its sixth edition. He is also the author of Reclaiming Zimbabwe: The Exhaustion of the Patriarchal Model of Liberation (David Phillip South Africa and Africa World Press, New Jersey) and Pan Africanism, Pan Africanists and African Liberation in the 21st century, (New Academia Publishers 2006). His most recent book is Barack Obama and 21st Century Politics: A Revolutionary Moment in the USA (Pluto Press 2010).

Dr. Campbell is a veteran peace activist. He serves on the advisory board of the Syracuse Peace Council, the oldest peace organization in the USA. He is also the president of the Pan African Community of Central New York (PACCNY). As a peace activist, Dr. Campbell is actively involved in the opposition against the establishment of the US Africa Command. While at the University of Dar es Salaam, he was the Secretary of the Liberation Support Committee and was very active as a scholar and teacher in Tanzania. As a member of the Dar es Salaam school he was active in debates on the transition beyond colonialism. He also served on various academic committees at the University of Dar es Salaam.

Dr. Campbell was educated in the Caribbean, Canada, Uganda and the United Kingdom. He did his doctoral work at Sussex University in the United Kingdom. The title of his thesis was The Commandist State in Uganda. Since 1979, he has been studying issues of militarism and transformation in Africa.