Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bill Fletcher Jr. Reviews "Barack Obama and 21st Century Politics"

Horace Campbell, Barack Obama and Twenty-First Century Politics: A revolutionary moment in the USA (New York: Pluto Press, 2010), 319 pps. $29 paperback, $95 hardback.

Horace Campbell has produced a rigorous, thought-provoking look at the political moment in which we find ourselves. Barack Obama and Twenty-first Century Politics: A Revolutionary Moment in the USA presents challenges to a reviewer because it is three books in one. This is not to be taken literally. But content-wise, there are three very distinct components to this book such that each could have been a book in its own right. One ‘book’ deals with how Campbell understands the moment; the second ‘book’ concerns the nature of the Obama campaign; and the third ‘book’ is a post-election analysis.... Read More